What food would I get up for at 4 AM? The Royal Question

Pass the Duchy

I had not even contemplated getting up April 29 to watch the Royal wedding, but then I started thinking about what I would eat if I did get up.  Which lead to, what breakfast would inspire me to get up at 4:00 am (I cannot get up at 2:00 am to watch the coverage as then I am not sure if I should be boiling an egg or ordering poutine with extra gravy).

To kindle the fire I purchased some just-in-case Thick Cut Orange Marmalade and Duchy Originals Damson preserve. Plus some Red Leicester cheese to get the English theme flourishing.

So I have decided to have a blog opinion poll.  I will post a new breakfast idea each day and see what draws the most response.

Still lukewarm to the plan there is no way in Royal hell I am turning on the stove at 4am.  So I am thinking of things I can pre-make.

Monday’s Menu Idea:

Maple Syrup Scones

Bacon (I will punch numbers on the microwave to acquire bacon)

Melon and ginger salad (from the Rose Bakery cook book)

Earl Grey Tea ( I already have a fragrant tin of leaves in the cupboard)

Also–I’ll need a milliner and a wine pairing that goes with early dawn and a bathrobe (accessorized with fabulous hat).  Suggestions welcome.

Tuesday’s Menu Idea:

2 soft boiled eggs, sea salt

Breakfast Sausage-would like to try the Healthy Butchers sage and onion variety


Duchy Damson preserve and thick cut marmalade

Cream of Avalon Tea –Tea Emporium  (notes of cream, caramel, bergamot and citrus)

So, I know I said I wouldn’t turn on the stove, but as I warm up to the whole 4am idea I see that turning on the stove could have huge savory payback.  I could perhaps cook the sausage Thursday night and just reheat.  I could settle for that.


Thank you Natalie! Here is a wonderful Royal wedding head gear selection from KC Hats

Other people’s breakfast suggestions so far:

French toast and bacon, just Bacon, fresh croissants, cinnamon buns with lots of glaze, brie with crispy baguette and rosette de Lyon sausage, full Irish breakfast and some tomatoes to throw at the TV, toast and cream cheese topped with Vidal Icewine jelly and from my husband: Pint of Landlord. Bacon butty. Another pint of Landlord.

And perhaps the best one from Vic:  I would suggest just not going to sleep. Spend the night drinking Flora Doras.

Wed/Thursday Humming and Haw-ing:

My enthusiasm  was boosted by an email from my friend Iona who lives in England and sent a wonderfully descriptive and warm email of the excitement in London.  She noted:

“I saw lots of American presenters being taken round the area in horse and carriages and Some people next to me said that they could see the presenters of Entertainment Tonight. They were all blonde and I have no idea who they were but you may do. ”  (USA! USA!)

Posting final breakfast menu shortly.  Still can’t decide…pheasant or woodcock?

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  1. Victor

    I would suggest just not going to sleep. Spend the night drinking Flora Doras. This is a cocktail my wife learned how to make while doing a promotion for Hendricks gin, where she played Queen Victoria.

    Combine Hendrick’s Gin with lime juice, fresh raspberries (mashed up a bit) and ginger beer. Goes down nice and easy.

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