I will surrender counter space for a Panini Press

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 11.45.48 PM

The Hamilton Beach Panini Press

It just hit me–I really would use a panini press!  I mean I would right?  I love grilled panini, when I’m out and about and hungry, what is a better crisp, oozy and portable meal that a panini?  You can easily sneak them into movies–or keep them in your purse in a pinch (just while you text or create genius Instagram photos).  Even Tim Horton’s can do a half-decent job (I discovered this after finding only chip and burger stands to eat from when driving around PEI).

So I’m wondering-anyone have one and use it?? Or perhaps you can tell me I’m disillusioned, it will have the same fate as my George Forman grill…which wait a second–couldn’t that press panini?   Excuse while I go dig around in my basement.

Meanwhile check out these “18 Surprising Things You Can Make in a Panini Press” from BuzzFeed.


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2 responses to “I will surrender counter space for a Panini Press

  1. OMG totally use your George Forman grill as a panini press! I discovered that this summer – Richard and I got one as a wedding present and we hadn’t used it until I had this same epiphany that you’re having now. Grilled sandwiches, people!!! Although, I still put it away in the cabinet when I’m done, so I’m not really sacrificing any counter space…

  2. Sue! Welcome to the panini club. I’m not actually a presser but my boyfriend LOVES to do it and in fact, uses the thing all the time to grill veg- not just press and grill sammies. Way better than a grill per se because you don’t get the smoke. We store ours nearby with the other pots and pans. I’m always impressed at how often he uses it!

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