Cool “thingy” for your cookbook

The extra weight I was craving.

I always have a can of chickpeas, or mixed beans or  diced tomatoes on hand when I cook from certain cookbooks.  The cans act as weights that I balance on the spine of the book or on the edge of the page to try to hold the cookbook open to a particular recipe.

The alternative is to hold them open with my forearm while my hands stand by uselessly covered in half-made pizza dough or the goop from raw chicken.  Sometimes I forget I have anchovy paste on my thumb as I flip  pages trying to get back to my gnocchi recipe.

It is to my sheer amazement that cookbooks are not all published in 3-ring binders or something equally as functional since they are supposedly a kitchen TOOL.  TOOLS help you.  TOOLS do not slam shut just as you’re reading, “The key to the recipe is timing….” or suddenly display a flan recipe when you were positive you started out making Coq au Vin.

So I am sharing the discovery of the Sagaform “Hold”.  A  cookbook weight that holds your flippin’ cookbook flat.  It’s compact and easy to clean and even elegant.  It even works on the most tight-lipped cookbooks that want to snap shut the minute they’re opened.  I tested it.

Best of all it makes a great pretend microphone for singing the chorus to On the Floor by J-Lo  or prepping for your modest (but slightly cheeky!) interview with Nigel Slater for The Guardian’s Food Section.

I bought mine at The Cook’s Place on the Danforth.  $35

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