Toast Post: Maytag Blue

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Maytag Blue.  I’d never had it, I’d heard about it, I’d associated it with the washing machine repair guy.  So when I was looking for a blue cheese to pair with my oven roasted fig ball from Cheese Boutique it did not cross my mind.  I was thinking of Bleu D’Auvergne.  But then Afrim at C.B. gave me a taste of this fruity, creamy and very fresh blue.  Which means (in my mind) it smelled like the outdoors (not like a sheet of Bounce supposedly smells like the outdoors.)

And actually, it is the son of the Maytag appliance founder that created this cheese.  So the above association is correct.  Sometimes you’re smarter than you think.  Often not.

It was a perfect pairing  with this fig ball (Artibel is the producer)

peel away figs like orange segments

The fig ball hails from Italy’s Calabria region and here is some more info from the Italian Harvest website.

The fig balls  preparation involves drying the figs for days, then oven glazing and packing them together with molasses and honey of figs. This preparation is then wrapped in a fig leaf and tied with a piece of straw, creating an intriguing and interesting old world appearance (packaging in stainless steel would not be the same at all).  These figs are extremely rich, moist, and densely packed. (yes, the fig ball kicks dense, sweet ass.)

Mr. Pristine at C.B. said that fresh fig balls would be arriving in November and I am thinking this would be pretty wonderful for entertaining as the holidays are upon us.  Afterall, nothing says “I remember” more than a fig ball on Remembrance Day.  Other than a poppy.  Yes, I concede, that might be better.

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