It’s a chocolate chip miracle!

It’s not everyday I gasp aloud in delight (aside from everytime I use my nutmeg grater) but I did squeal a little when I saw these Mini Butterscotch Melts from Presidents Choice.

I mean, I think the delight is self-explanatory, if you haven’t almost peed your pants in excitement as this point, I don’t know how to explain the new heights this will take your cookie baking.

Instead let me show you more pictures—

See, they are smaller than a peanut (though I acknowledge that this peanut appears monstrous).  So the beauty here is, you don’t have to add less chips or call your cookie “chocolate chunk”, it’s still chocolate chip but SUPERCHARGED.  (I also saw a suggestion to add them to banana bread which peaked my interest-or how about throwing them into a trail mix).

I caution you to not open a package before eating breakfast.  You may have a light bulb moment prompting you to put these into a bowl and cover them with milk.   This is a delusion.  Please toast some whole grain bread and melt the chips on top!  It’s just like Nutella but more nutritious.

Here’s what the pack looks like.  I got these in as part of a gift bag when I was invited into the President’s Choice Test Kitchen to try some new holiday products.  It was a bit of Willy Wonka experience (though not the trippy Gene Wilder version of the 70s) and I was fascinated to hear about the product development process.   I’ve always been curious.  More on that coming up.

For now– crave the chips.


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14 responses to “It’s a chocolate chip miracle!

  1. Yes, there’s a reason my mother banned Cookie Crisp cereal from our house when I was a child.

  2. How do these things even exist…no wait….that is a loooong answer.

  3. Another entry for

  4. And what were the holiday products?!? Was there egg nog?

  5. It’s coming in another post. they were pretty great…they already have nog out…

  6. OMG I miss President’s Choice! I used to love their peanut butter chocolate melts, but clearly these are superior. Also, my uncle used to develop products for President’s Choice – why did I never think to ask for a visit to the TEST KITCHEN???!!! What a fool.You are SO in the foodie elite up there, Sue. Chef tastings, President’s Choice insider peeks – what’s next?

  7. no–the PB chocolate melts are in a league of their own…..

  8. Cindy

    seriously…..a woman who’s got it all goin’ on….posts on chocolate and wine within, what, hours of eachother? S.R., you are THE BEST!

  9. I’m making a special stop at Loblaws for these- and yes, the peanut photo makes the peanut look hilariously enormous-!!

  10. Lisa

    I just bought a bag on your recommendation. I’ve resisted the urge to open it on account of all the halloween candy we still have to eat. I’ll likely use them in some baking for elliot’s upcoming birthday celebrations.

    • Lisa

      Just baked some cookies with these little suckers and I gotta admit, they’re pretty terrific. I used the cookie recipe on the back of the bag, but I halved the recipe since we’d already eaten half the bag and the recipe calls for a full package. I think I’ll try the PB ones next time.

      • Sue Riedl

        Ha! Same here. I couldn’t stop eating them and kind of ran out for any use that was enough for a recipe. Haven’t tried the PB yet. My friend thought the butterscotch were too sweet to eat on their own, to which I say…… Bah humbug! Sent from my iPhone

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