Caramels: The Cure for What Ails Ya

Some might recommend antibiotics for pneumonia (those would be the doctors) but us food bloggers like something that is more indulgent.  Like caramels.  If you’re craving caramels, no matter how sick, you know you’re generally OK.  And is it not a bucolic  ideal to be eating bons bons while lounging in bed?  Realistically, no one has time for that –except when taken ill with only enough strength to strip the crinkly, bright wrappers off the naked chocolates .

The caramels look much less 1970s than in this photo.

I recently had the opportunity to curl up with a box of the above. Fortune smiled upon me and said, “hey, get yourself some pneumonia and some bons bons”. The pneumonia arrived courtesy of the devil (I can’t be sure of that,  just a guess) and the chocolates came courtesy of President’s Choice.

It’s actually a chocolate and toffee “collection” (I’m giving up stamps immediatly -what was I thinking?) and the first thing I noticed is that all the 11  flavours on the chocolate map (see below for some blurry details) were tempting.  Not a chocolate brandy cherry in site.  I think I would eat the orange fondant last but my dad would head straight for it.

The chocolates are imported from England and you do feel like you just nipped into Marks and Spencers for a fix.

You can go ahead and buy them for as a hostess gift, but they’ll never make it, particularly if you’re too weak to get out of bed.

See, there’s an upside to congested lungs.  No, actually there’s not.  But eating these caramels will make you forget your woes for a bit.  (Take note Daytime TV).


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7 responses to “Caramels: The Cure for What Ails Ya

  1. They look like the Cadbury Roses to me. If they’re from England, they might well be the same manufacturer.

    I can just imagine you eating your caramels and flipping between Law and Order reruns and Food Network’s Thanksgiving specials. (Yes, that’s Real Thanksgiving. Not Columbus Day.)

  2. I knew you’d get right into the spirit of this Vic! Tad now has pneumonia too. Get me more chocolate!

  3. He should lay off the Maudite.

  4. CarolAnn

    Chocolate will be the 21st century cure for EVERYTHING! Especially if there is caramel any where near it. Hope you are truly getting better, Sue! CarolAnn

  5. lisa

    Tad too! WTH.
    what a copy cat!
    and for the record, i’m with your dad – i’d be all over that orange fondant bonbon.

  6. I LOVE caramels!! I’m going out and getting these….I’m feeling a bout of the flu coming on….lying in bed w/ these sound really really good right about now! thx Sue!

  7. Pneumonia?!!! Holy crap that’s terrible. All caramels aside, get better!! : ) Happy American Thanksgiving!

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