Red Rocket Coffee Danforth: Only a few more sleepy days to wait

Watch out Tim Horton's. You've just been a feeble fallback.

 Red Rocket Coffee is opening SOON minutes from my house, just a quick walk to the Danforth.  Red Rocket, whose original location was at Greenwood and Queen (across from the TTC yard, hence the name) had to close its Leslieville location due to a major rent increase.  I am probably one of many who live in the Danforth that want to offer heartfelt condolences to Red Rocket’s Queen East regulars but instead are clicking our heels together with glee.

The new location at 1364 Danforth is still sealed up with Kraft Paper, a present we all want to open.

Not open yet. No matter how many times I walked by in one day.

Red Rocket will be taking over the Three’s Company Too location on the Danforth.  The original Three’s Company is now at Danforth and Pape (the loss of their weekend brunch still saddens me when I pass what is now a French Toast-less  Naturopathic Clinic at the corner of Lamb/Greenwood)   If you’re from the west end I’ll stick with locating the new Red Rocket “between Greenwood and Coxwell” but if you’re from the hood you’ll want to know that it’s just west of Linnsmore Cres. (minutes from the Greenwood Subway exit) and across the Danforth from Lamb and Gillard St.   Conveniently close to Jerry’s Supermarket (grocer/butcher) and the new fitness place  BOMB Wellness.

The Future:

Coffee- workout-coffee.

Coffee-pork chops-coffee.

Coffee-forgot the bacon-PU coffee for spouse at home.

If the damn place would just open I could live out all the above fair trade and organic fantasies.  Well, maybe only the first and last part of the first one.

Word on the Red Rocket Blog as posted Saturday is that they’ll be opening in a few days.  Word on the street (as I lingered outside today and peeked through the window at a space full of boxes and “stuff”) is that there will be a soft open (coffee only–Red Rocket also makes their own food and pastries) mid-January.

I will keep lingering even if the Red Rocket people start to fear that what they appreciated as loyalty in their Queen St E clientele could potentially turn to stalking on the Danforth.   Just enthusiasm, I swear.

(There is also a Wellesley location)


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6 responses to “Red Rocket Coffee Danforth: Only a few more sleepy days to wait

  1. The Danforth is on fire! You know, it’s taken 6 years living somewhere else to realize it’s weird that we call it ‘the’ Danforth. What is that about? Anyway, yay for indie coffee shops! A friend of mine just brought me a can of Tim Horton’s coffee from home though – ha ha.

  2. Love me some coffee. Considering how much I drink, It’s hard to remember that I really didn’t drink it until my third year at Queens. (All those nights chained to the Steenbeck, I guess.)

    (Although the last time I visited you, I had to make coffee in a 4 cup pyrex measuring cup since you had no coffee pot.)

    Till they open, you can try some of my favorite coffees:

    Dead Man’s Reach, from Raven’s Brew Coffee of Alaska. “A cup in bed will raise the dead!”

    Hula Pie, from Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii. My favorite flavored coffee!

    And, a new favorite, “Rise Again!” from Just Us Coffee of Canada. Inspired by folk singer Stan Rogers.


  3. Thanks Vic–these are great to have as recommends. I don’t think we have (or ever had) a 4 cup measuring Pyrex cup–was that really us? I know we had the french press only for awhile but I would crack the glass on a regular basis so maybe we did not have one. Sorry! Situation has improved.

    • Maybe it was a two cup, but it was definitely a pyrex measuring implement!

      (And it was not a criticism! I was happy for the lovely meal and I was trying to make you and Tad coffee in the morning.)

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  5. KJR

    It will tough to beat The Rooster!

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