Other People’s Shopping Lists

I found this in the cart I was using when shopping tonight.  I love the varied hand writing. There is something kind of voyeuristic about seeing other people’s grocery needs.  And kind of touching.

I like this sequence:

dishwasher soap  (who’s not running out of that?)

bubble bath  (the dish soap reminded them about the bubble bath)

frozen raspberries  (I’m thinking smoothies for the kids)

white shager  (to go with smoothies)

white flower (to go with bubble bath)

diaper cream-jojoba oil  (ouch, that sounds like painful situation)

red wine (to go after diaper rash treatment, during bubble bath and nowhere near a smoothie )


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6 responses to “Other People’s Shopping Lists

  1. Jocelyne

    Thanks for sharing your found treasure. Looks like Mom needed the wine for after the spelling lesson. Hope they read your post, it would make great memories for them later on, brought some back for me 🙂

  2. OMG that is so awesome. It reminds me of my list when Violet writes it – I love the berry, barry, barrie at the top right! So cute. And the mom handwriting at the very bottom really tells the whole story. The only thing that would have made it better would be if ‘red wine’ were in the adult handwriting… : )

  3. Tad Seaborn


      Tad Seaborn EDITOR, “Bomb Girls II” 647-980-9323 (cell)


  4. Bea

    This is so sweet! I loved grocery shopping with my mom when I was younger. Sometimes I do fear people picking up my shopping lists and wonder what they think of me.

  5. Loved this list. A true collaboration. Don’t you love what you find in library books sometimes, too? What other patrons use for bookmarks? I found a note of Korean money in one. I thought all day about that.

  6. I can’t imagine what I leave in library book–receipts, newspaper clippings, TO DO lists…

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