Delicious Roasted Pumpking Seeds (that I was too lazy to make myself)

All these years I passed up on this???

Every year we carve multiple pumpkins and every year I think, “I should really roast the seeds”.  But that is a fleeting thought as I look at the goo-covered, stringy harvest.  And into the green bin it goes.  But not this year!  This year there was Donna.

Pumpkin Carving Contest chez nous

We held a pumpkin carving contest for Felix’s 4th birthday and had a few friends over.  And we also had the innards of 10 pumpkins.  Donna suggested we roast them and give them away as loot bags.  She even offered to come over early to scoop them out and do all the dirty work.  An offer even a lazy scooper like me could not refuse.

See what you’re pulling the seeds out of?  Though I admit that in a strange way once you sink your hands into the goop it feels kind of nice.

The harvest

Once Donna had pulled them out of the pumpkin she rinsed them and cleaned them in a strainer and got off all the stringy bits.  This is the hard work part.

Boiling the pumpkin seeds

Once clean the seeds were boiled in a large pot for 10-15 minutes in well-salted water.  This helps ensure a crunchier seed once roasted.

We then spread the seeds onto a couple baking trays and dried them with some paper towels.  Not bone-dry but you want them dry enough that olive oil will stick to them.

We then put the seeds back into a bowl and tossed them with 1 teaspoon olive oil for 1 cups seeds ( approx.) Since we had so many seeds we flavoured them.

Donna came with some Kernel shakers and we did various batches; a Kosher salt batch, dill, cheddar cheese and all-dressed.   We sprinkled on the topping generously (you can also use paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper or curry powder plus salt).

We  then we lay them on clean parchment and roasted them at 375°F for about 30-40 minutes (less if you have fewer seeds, you want them golden and crispy).  We tossed every 10 minutes or so.  Be vigilant as they can burn easily.  You can turn the over to °350 if you feel you may be distracted (aka Donna is not doing your work).

While we waited there were some antics like this:

Dancing Dollar Store Monster

And of course, this:

Classic Halloween Alien

The seeds came out in batches and we let them cool…

Pumpkin Seeds sorted for loot bags

And I am now munching away on the wonderful bounty of crunchy, flavourful snacks and  I swear to Never, Ever, Ever (on Taylor Swift’s life) throw out Pumpkin Seeds again!

Yes, I always have fall foliage on my cutting board.


PS  If you have any opinions of boiling vs not boiling and the difference it does or does not make please let me know!  And see the comments for a non-boiling recipe from Lisa that she used and it worked great.



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8 responses to “Delicious Roasted Pumpking Seeds (that I was too lazy to make myself)

  1. The doller store monster approves this post!

  2. Lisa

    i toasted some for the first time last night but i apparently used the ‘lazy woman’ recipe. It kinda went like this:
    1. remove seeds from pumpkin
    2. pick off what goop you can
    3. toss with a few teaspoons of melted butter
    4. sprinkle with garlic powder & lawry’s seasoned salt
    5. bake at 300 for 45 mins with occasional stirring
    6. enjoy

    mine are pretty crunchy despite not doing the rinsing and the parboiling part that your recipe requires.

    i’ll be doing it again – so easy and delicious!

  3. Oh! I will try your recipe next year. Am going to print it for recipe card. Thanks! No matter how, they are so tasty.

  4. I’ve roasted pumpkin seeds before, but I have never flavored them. I’m so doing this next year…. and Lisa’s recipe, too!

  5. Apparently I’ve been doing it the lazy way too. I’ve never heard of the boiling step but I have to try it now. Since I have about 40 pumpkins hanging around, I’ll have plenty of chances to get it right, lol.

    Happy Halloween, looks like you had fun ; )

  6. Carolann

    Always wanted to do this.Next year I’ll borrow Donna! CarolAnn

  7. In the past I always roasted the seeds but this year I decided I going to skip it since I never really adored them (probably because I never added oil/butter/flavourings) but it was my boyfriend who insisted on doing it while we were making pumpkin pie. So I roasted them the plain way a.k.a. fat-free: wash, dry, roast, sprinkle salt- and they were as I’ve always had them, so no big fanfare about that.
    The pie pumpkin seeds seem to be the same as the ‘normal’ pumpkin kind, but boil the seeds?! flavour them?! oil and butter?! Now I feel very curious and rather lacking imagination RE making these taste good. I’ve only just discovered home made kale chips so call me a late bloomer :S.

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