I am flying 6 hours to get to lunch on Wednesday.

Zuni Cafe Lunch Menu


HMM, I guess the above menu could have used an outline or something.  Well, let’s just call it free form blogging.

So I am off to San Francisco tomorrow and still have to pack, wash hair, pay some bills, charge iPad, iPhone and laptop, remember to pack passports, panic that I forgot to pack passports, panic that my name does not match my passport on my ticket and figure out how to wake at 4-year-old gently at 4am knowing we have 15 minutes to be out of the house.

And snacks.  Must pack snacks.

But otherwise–check out the deliciousness that will greet me at 1pm California Time.  Will report back from the ZUNI Cafe.

And did I mention my reservation at Chez Panisse?    Oh boy oh boy.


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7 responses to “I am flying 6 hours to get to lunch on Wednesday.

  1. Janice Beaton

    Oh, I can’t wait for your report!!! I ate at Zuni the first time in 1991. I have made many pilgrimages since then. Dozens, to be honest. Everything is DELISH. And the things that never leave the menu… the anchovies… the caesar… the chicken (ohmigod!)… clams in some form… the fries… Stay in a hotel at least a 45 minute walk away, and walk both directions. 😉

    Chez Panisse has had several visits from me, too. But… I have to say, my second favourite place in the last three years is Anchor & Hope. WOW. http://www.anchorandhopesf.com

    I won’t mess with you any more about this, just wanted to say I’m jealous and can’t wait for your report!



  2. Get to Mission Cheese if you can!

  3. Carolann

    Enjoy your trip,Sue! You can eat your way through California as one has to eat at least three times daily! CarolAnn

  4. Sharon

    Zuni and Chez Panisse ……..Classic choice. .What no zuni chicken and bread salad….everyone goes for the zuni chicken……thats how i learned how to cook chicken!!!…..

  5. With our son there, the chicken was a too-long-too wait dish. I wih we could have had it!

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