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It’s the New Year, keep smoking but clean your fridge already!

clean fridge

Where was I with my New Year’s blog and well-wishing?   I was cleaning my fridge.  It was a pain in the butt. It was gross.   But look at the after picture!  (sorry, you will also see the BEFORE).

As of Jan 1 all the food, condiments, drinks and tubes of anchovy paste are edible.  Most are visible and anything pushed to back is cornflour and maple syrup who no one cares about–even if they’re not discovered for 4 months.

dirty fridge

EWWWW is right.  Aside from the cheese drawer, that was pretty clean.  But you had to see this so you too could know how I have struggled.  With lethargy, laziness and the fear of what the hell is in there?

Well guess what I found!

duck confit

Duck confit!  And I would have eaten it but it was dug into–who did this?  Was it one of the other foods?  Was the duck clawing it’s way out?  A mystery.

counter o fridge

So you start by taking everything out of the fridge–wow–you realize you have a lot of sauces–and a lot of jars with only one or two pickles left…and hey, I had extra capers?

But then you clean with soapy water and organize and you feel a sense of peace.  Peace on the cusp on 2013.

Only NOW you can go on that diet, and quit smoking and exercise more– but me?  I stopped at cleaning out the fridge.


And for something prettier…..I hope everyone’s year is as full of sparkles as Felix’s most best cookie.

Thank you for reading my blog, thank you for commenting and thank you for still reading into 2013 even though you saw the BEFORE picture of my fridge.

xo Sue


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