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Jetting Off to Omaha

Market Area Ottawa, photo by Tad Seaborn

Market Area Omaha, photo by Tad Seaborn

I’m posting super-fast, super-brief as I am still in PJ’s and slippers (which reminds me PACK SLIPPERS–I am a slipper freak) and am supposed to be leaving for the airport in moments.  Maybe minutes.  So my family (my brother and sister-in-law and three nephews) live in Omaha and I’ll try and post any delicious things I come across there.  And there is deliciousness to be found.

For instance, Warren Buffet’s fave steak haunt, the old school Gorats.  (We had an amazing waitress, she had worked there almost her whole life and had been married and divorced from the chef, who had also worked there practically his whole life.)

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.01.12 PM

Indie Film scene in Omama, photo by Tad Seaborn

And other than the world-famous zoo, there is a beautiful art deco train station (Union Station, built in 1931) restored and now a museum.  Here is the ceiling in the lobby.  It is stunning.

Omaha deco chandelier

Art Deco chandelier, photo by Tad Seaborn

Anyway–so before you say Why Omaha?  Why not Omaha, people!  You’ll see.


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