Toast Post: Tiger Blue

Buttery, fierce Tiger Blue with ginger/apple/pear chutney.

Does it work with Zinfandel?  Depends who you ask.  If you ask the cheese, then yes. If you asked the Zinfandel, well, wine won’t answer you. It talks with its eyes.

I recently had Tiger Blue at a wine tasting and realized I had forgotten how addictive it was.

Tiger blue is a spicy, roar of a cheese and it won’t work for everyone.  It’s also very smooth, rich and creamy and I find that just as the blue-lover in me is begging for mercy I’m hit with buttery richness that soothes my panicking taste buds.

You’ll see that in this case I added a smear of apple/pear/ginger chutney courtesy of Nick at Olympic cheese (have you seen the stores’ makeover?).

And BTW, even if you don’t eat this cheese it just looks unbelievable on a cheese board.  Like a cool piece of marble.  It watches you and thinks, “Hey Matey,  (I know! The pirate voice is so unexpected) why don’t you lurch on over here and slice a sliver off my cool, smooth wedge.   What’s that parrot?  Polly want a neutral cracker to cleanse the palate?

Tiger Blue in 11 words or more:  Producer is Poplar Grove in British Columbia (Naramata Bench, Okanagan Valley).  This cheese will change over the seasons depending on the cow’s milk, it may be more creamy or it may be more crumbly.  Made in the style of Stilton. Comes in a 2Kg wheel.  Pasteurized and a must-try if you like blues.  Get it at Olympic Cheese if you hail from Toronto….


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3 responses to “Toast Post: Tiger Blue

  1. Yarr! Sounds like I need me a chunk of this blue! I love all blues, so adding one to try from B.C. is so fun. Thank you for this great review.

    By the by, at the risk of sounding repetitive- did I already mention that my perfect boyfriend presented me with a vintage t-fal raclette this spring? I am such a happy gal-! If you find yourself catching a whiff of sizzling cheese tomorrow afternoon, it’s from my girl’s weekend cheesefest!
    -J 🙂

  2. Wow–that present competes with the idea of my husband getting me that fabulous Alexander McQueen knuckle-ring-topped clutch. Where I would store cheese snacks of course.

    Have you seen the Partyclette? Individual picnic sized raclette?

  3. omg! a PARTYCLETTE?! Love it! Amazing! Now I can take it everywhere!

    I was showing my boyfriend your halloumi feature in the Globe, specifically the barbeclette mention (!). At this point I can hardly justify a bbclette since I already have a lovely grill, and a beautiful sun-burst orange raclette, but it’s such a great idea for the camper, as you pointed out.

    All this talk is just so fun!
    I’m going to hook up my raclette-less friends with the partyclette. It’s essential-!

    -J 🙂

    P.S. We both know how much cheese we could buy for one of those McQueen clutches.. not to mention the cheese tour of a lifetime. Pass the blue!

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