Tarte Tatin is like a pearl necklace (A Haiku)

You had me at caramelized.

Simple and elegant is what I meant about the pearl necklace in case “cheap and chipped” initially popped to mind.

I made a Tarte Tatin to serve post-BBQ on Saturday night.  It truly is one of my favourite desserts.   The apples were sticky and rich with a touch of burnt caramel bitterness.  And we loaded on big spoonfuls of real whipped cream.

I recommend making way more whipped cream than is sensible so you can eat the leftovers from the same bowl you served it to your guests in.  Meanwhile they look on aghast, wishing you would stop stuffing your face and ask if they want a coffee.

To which I say in my defense,  Isn’t a f’#@!%#  homemade pie enough????

Anyway, eh um….


Simple elegance

Induces feeding frenzy

My pearls are trashed


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6 responses to “Tarte Tatin is like a pearl necklace (A Haiku)

  1. Sounds delish- although I’ve never liked whipped cream but the visual of you, the bowl, and your party guests is quite sweet :).

    From where did you get the recipe? I’m looking for a nice tart recipe to make them flat on a baking sheet style, not in individual shells. Any recos?
    – J

  2. C Moa Bob

    Fresh summer apples
    Sue-san hogs the Tatin
    I have a fork

  3. C Moa Bob

    LOL Just noticed the tags on this piece:
    “Filed under Serious Food Journalism, Uncategorized”
    I honestly think there should be a hyphen or a comma after “Food” because this stuff is waaaaay too much fun.

  4. FUn Food Journalism! Hmmm, maybe I’ll change the tag. Maybe that is my mottom–FUN FOOD JOURNALISM. I like.

  5. Me thinks you want to make a galette? You can make them just using pate brisse dough. I like Martha Stewart’s baking handbook as a go-to…here is an on-line link to a version of her galette…http://www.marthastewart.com/339183/mini-rhubarb-and-raspberry-galettes

  6. Hi, Yes, totally- I was thinking galette yet the word was escaping me. I seem to be going through a phase of food-related things ending in “ette” 😉

    thank you for the Martha link!

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