So Many Damn Peaches

Planet Peach

Summer peaches.  A perfectly ripe, juicy, pain in the ass.

Why do I have to buy a whole basket of peaches?  Why can’t I buy just two or three at the farmer’s market?

Because none of the farmer’s want to deal with all those damn peaches either. “Take them urban consumers!” they shout at us. (In their heads.)

So my perfect peaches sit on the counter while  fruit flies circle and I shove slice after slice into my mouth like some uber-healthy, hot dog eating contest for the “eat local” movement.  At which point I’ve only eaten 2 1/2 peaches.

Ready for the sauce.

So how do I rescue my delicate bounty from the fate of the green bin?

Luckily, Delmonte comes to the rescue.  Peaches in syrup.  AHA!

I slice eight peaches.  I make a light syrup in a medium pot.  (4 cups water, 2 cups sugar).

Once the sugar has dissolved I add the peaches and some mint and basil leaves (my basil plant weeps with gratitude at its usefulness–the poor thing barely sprouts a leaf under my care.)

A peach of a plan.

And then I bring it all up to a simmer, pour in a shot of Triple Sec (from my margarita stash) and pull it off the stove.  Let cool and store in the fridge so you can eat them all week. On top of ice cream!  YES.

Don’t be distracted by the above picture, keep your focus on the fact that the herby-fresh syrup created from our peachy compote is great for cocktails.  Like peach infused Mojitos.

The  minty, aromatic liquid is a perfect sweetener for the limey-tart concoction.  Mash some of the fruit in there too.  God knows you have to use it up somehow.


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4 responses to “So Many Damn Peaches

  1. cmoabob

    Thank you once again for making my list of things to do just a bit longer longer. Think I’ll try mine with a Splenda-type sweetener to soothe my conscience (so much ice cream!). Might try with Southern Comfort (a peach-based liqueur, isn’t it?) or rhum (and a sliver of cinnamon stick?) or Cointreau or Grand Marnier or Calvados… or I might just have to try them all. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. Sounds like a plan- and a nice idea to throw in some herbs.

    I couldn’t agree more about the daunting size of a limited-time window of opportunity to deal with all those peaches. I like the infused drink idea; I’ve been downing grapefruit-zinged gin & tonics for a few years now and while they’ve made me famous (locally) I think it’s time to show that this doggie can indeed learn new tricks. Not sure about glass appeal, though- I expect it will be murky business- but tasty!
    – J

  3. You might not think it but the mint and even the basil really came through here. I did about double the basil than the mint.

    Maybe you could use these in a smoothie!

  4. also–re: mashed,murky peaches–FROSTED GLASSES.

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