The Grossest Thing I’ve Seen in a Long Time

I discovered “Blood Syrup” at the Dollarama today while looking for loot bag treats for a Halloween party.

I don’t know what part of BLOOD SYRUP  most repulsed me the most:

*the fact that corn syrup is the first ingredient followed by sugar

*the fact 100G (1/2 the bag) of blood syrup is considered a “serving”

*or just the fact that this is meant for consumption at all.

I picked it up thinking it was fake blood.  My plan was to smear it on my face and head and lie limply at the bottom of the stairs on Halloween morning.

But then I saw that the bottom tube ends in a straw/ tube which kids can suck on. You know, I bet the Frankenstein gummis I just consumed  are also made of the same ingredients, but in liquid form, I can’t handle it.

Yet I was raised on corn syrup.  My mother would mix it with milk and put it in my bottle as an infant (this is true–it was cheaper than formula).

But she never dyed it red.  That’s just GROSS.



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5 responses to “The Grossest Thing I’ve Seen in a Long Time

  1. Oh my god that is repulsive! Of your list, I find the ‘half bag serving’ to be the most disturbing! And we’ll need an update on how your Halloween stunt terrifies your child….

  2. CarolAnn

    Dollarama does cater to strange people, you know Sue.Ever notice their can food section? It scares me to think people buy a lot of this stuff. Don’t get me wrong I love to search for stuff there& ALWAYS end up buying stuff I could live without but want because it is cheap! CarolAnn

    • There are some crazy tings there in regards to edibles. It would never occur to me to shop for food there…..but at the same time, look at me walking away with edible blood! Hope you enjoyed your Turkish adventure!

  3. Yep, my wife also grew up on corn syrup mixed with formula. That was considered healthy back in the day.

  4. Yes, this is really gross. The picture does it justice and that straw makes me gag. I can’t even imagine sucking on that. I’m frowning as I read & write this which means I have to go buy more anti-wrinkle creams. The only thing I could possibly like is the alliteration on the French translation of the name; something about those slippery “s”es.

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