Happy Valentine’s Day to Me (and you of course)

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Valentine’s Day–meaning that you’ve been showered in chocolates, furry stuffed bears and wet kisses (if you’ve been hoping for such things), or that you’ve had the satisfaction of hating this horrible, commercial holiday that compete’s only with New Year’s in terms of hollow and impossible expectation settings.

If you’re panicking (from either scenario) remember this:

This was a Valentine’s message from my friend Joanne at fashioninmotion.com, which should actually be cheeseandfashioninmotion, but too late now.

Yet, good or bad, Valentine’s Day always invites one to think about having a special meal–cheesies, Diet Dr. Pepper and gummies in front of Four Weddings and a Funeral  (where you can throw cheesies at the TV whenever Andie McDowell appears) or some fancy schmancy meal–in your house or out on the town.

I had the latter–last night-actually (we live on Australia time).  No, I have a class tonight so my husband made me a delicious dinner on the 13th.

And I will share it with you:

The appetizers came from T&T and were so delicious, I must apologize for my terrible lighting and staging of the plate but I’m not about to set up a light and worry about camera angles in the middle of a romantic meal (though apparently I will think about my blog for at least 10 minutes).

We had fishballs, and veggie gyoza and sweet and sour daikon with some salted mustard greens in the back.

Next we had a surf and turf thing going on with steak and tilapia in a Yuzu sauce with lots of fresh pepper.  The tilapia was tender, sweet and delicate.

And with that a warm mushroom salad.  Mushrooms perfectly cooked–not over cooked–and in a light Hoisin sauce.

Here is a close-up–

wow–I wasn’t kidding when I went close with this–perhaps I was eating straight from the plate with my mouth?  It was lipsmacking delicious.

And finally some fresh papaya and mango tofu.  I am slightly addicted to mango tofu since our babysitter started buying it for our son.  I am sure it is not healthy at all.  But it SOUNDS healthy!

And then, just to top off my perfect night at home–an hour long Valentine’s episode of 30 Rock!!  And, since it was PVR’d, no commericals and Tad even made sure to start the show again at the end of the preceding commercial  (I hate missing even a second of a scene).

Which reminds me, I have some Valentine Day payback to think about….


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7 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day to Me (and you of course)

  1. I just checked: cheeseandfashioninmotion.com is still available. Hm……..

    Looks like you were spoiled with quite the feast!!!! What a catch, indeed.

    We’re also cooking up a fish storm tonight- probably sablefish (our fave) and various veg. Lately we’re addicted to shaved pan-fried & roasted brussel sprouts, so that’s probably going to make it on the plate. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the Cheese & Toast readers!

    J ❤

  2. oh! yours sounds good too. You;re the one that rold me about the shaved brussel sprouts…I was thinking of it last time I went to roast them. Yes, must try that. Sounds amazing. Have a great din!

  3. Shaved brussel sprouts? I missed that post! Sue, your husband is insanely awesome. I totally would have been eating straight off the plate. And Andie McDowell is cloying in that movie, isn’t she? I actually like her, but that scene in the rain at the end? No.

  4. I haven’t made it–just got the reco and forgot where it came from–how delicious does that sound? NO–NO-NO to that scene in the rain–the whole movie she’s just a sore thumb.

  5. The best brussel sprouts you’ll ever have:

    – Thinly slice brussel sprouts so that they are near-shaved. Some non-shaved thicker wedges/pieces are okay.
    – Heat oil in pan with grated garlic (2 cloves). Add brussel sprouts and keep cooking at med-high heat, tossing them regularly.
    – Add butter, about 1 tbsp or more-ish.
    – Keeping a lid on the pan helps keep them moist so that they don’t get dry and burn instantly. Keep the heat steady, not too high but enough to get some colour on them over time.
    – Brussel sprouts will begin to brown, caramelize. Do not let them burn! Keep tossing. Add more grated garlic (1 clove or so), salt & pepper. You may need more butter if they’re sticking too much to your pan.
    – Keep tossing them until they have “reduced” and are limp. This may be at the 20min mark. I’m not sure, usually I’m drinking as I make this, and time is irrelevant. Serve hot.

    You’ll find that not only are the brussel sprouts deliciously nutty, delicately flavourful and the star of your plate show, but also that they have greatly reduced, so make more than you normally would. And worry not- they are fantastic as left-overs for brunch!

    Can’t wait to hear all your feedback on this!
    J 🙂

  6. Whoot! THANK YOU! Am trying this this weekend!
    Hope you had a good Valentine dinner.

  7. You’re very welcome! We made these AGAIN last night for friends who had never had them and they were in awe. We were treated to fresh home-made, family recipe Italian sausage meat seasoned with anis seed, pan-fried (the extras from the yearly sausage-making event), roasted farmer’s red peppers, and a mashed pizza and rapini dish from the region of our friend’s Italian fam. Amazing meal. We also had a baguette going on the side and fresh arugula & baby spinach salad. I confess I ate a man-sized portion of everything.

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