Plenty: Join the Chicken Confit Club (Sandwich) at Dundas/University

Starving,  I rushed not to be late for a doctor’s appointment and stumbled upon a lovely little cafe called Plenty.  It’s on Dundas, just west of University on the north side.

Previously hoping only to grab a generic sub I was thrilled to walk away with a grilled Club that contained thick, smoky bacon and chicken confit.

I’m not a regular in the area but I used to work down there and my doctor is there, so it was sweet  to find decent lunch grub.

And grub is really an unfair summary as everything looked extremely fresh, tasteful and mouth-watering (they had bacon and ..ummm..something mac and cheese…ok they lost me after bacon)

Quite a few savory galettes too which looked amazing and were priced well.  I couldn’t quite get them all in this photo below (they’re on the edge).

There is no website as of yet-they had just been open 3 days as of last Thursday, so here is a shot of the menu (apparently created by Scot Woods)  for your salivating pleasure:


And if you had not time to make breakfast:

I doubt you’ll ever make breakfast again.  Anyway, personally, I’m now psyched to have another baby at Mt. Sinai one day,  if only so that after the birth I can get a black currant scone with butter and marmalade instead of sending Tad out for Swiss Chalet.  Hell, I’ll take both.

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