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2012 Chef’s Challenge-the ultimate foodie fundraiser (I’m going! I’m tweeting!!)

2012 Chef’s Challenge

I am totally pumped to have been invited to be a Chef’s Challenge social media reporter for this Saturday’s event. 

If you haven’t heard about it, the Chef’s Challenge is an amazing fundraiser for Mt. Sinai Hospital focusing on women’s health and raising money for breast and ovarian cancer research.

He’ll totally be meaner than this on Saturday.

Picture a kitchen stadium where celebrity chefs Lynn Crawford, Chuck Hughes, Mark McEwan, David Rocco and Michael Smith work with foodie fundraisers to battle it out during a three-course meal service under the eagle eye of  Guy Fieri who will be commenting through the event (hopefully there will be some yelling and mockery even).  Each course must be delivered to a set of celebrity judges that will score the plates on taste, presentation and the crew’s work style and skill.   There will be cameras, there will be commotion.

To attend the event you have to qualify by raising a minimum $2500 each.  The Top 50 fundraisers get to test their kitchen skills on stage with one of the above Chef’s as team leaders.

Personally this sounds beyond stressful and I’ve worked in a kitchen, so I am eager to see how everyone fares under pressure.  It was a love/hate deal for me.  Maybe more hate.

Chef McEwan with Chef’s Challenge co-chair Simmie Antflick (photo courtesy of  Nick Lee)

There were several pre-events leading up to this Saturday, one was hosted by reigning champion Chef McEwan.  Click here for more deets.

The hour of judgement for Chuck Hughes (photo courtesy of Nick Lee)

Then there was the cookie battle judged by Chuck Hughes (cookies! Chuck Hughes! can this be a monthly thing? Or even daily?)

It’s a kitchen party… (photo courtesy of Nick Lee)

And the very first event was at Chef John Cirillo’s Culinary Academy where some aspiring chefs got a few lessons in the kitchen.

Hopefully I have peaked your interest and you can follow my tweets  Saturday night (@sueriedl) and also sign up to follow @chefschallenge for daily updates.  The radiant Ivy Knight (  I was torn between radiant and luminescent)  is part of the team organizing this event and you can follow her @ivyknight or at @Swallow_Food

For more information on the event please go to:




Huge thanks to Nick Lee for letting me use his photos of the events.


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Plenty: Join the Chicken Confit Club (Sandwich) at Dundas/University

Starving,  I rushed not to be late for a doctor’s appointment and stumbled upon a lovely little cafe called Plenty.  It’s on Dundas, just west of University on the north side.

Previously hoping only to grab a generic sub I was thrilled to walk away with a grilled Club that contained thick, smoky bacon and chicken confit.

I’m not a regular in the area but I used to work down there and my doctor is there, so it was sweet  to find decent lunch grub.

And grub is really an unfair summary as everything looked extremely fresh, tasteful and mouth-watering (they had bacon and ..ummm..something mac and cheese…ok they lost me after bacon)

Quite a few savory galettes too which looked amazing and were priced well.  I couldn’t quite get them all in this photo below (they’re on the edge).

There is no website as of yet-they had just been open 3 days as of last Thursday, so here is a shot of the menu (apparently created by Scot Woods)  for your salivating pleasure:


And if you had not time to make breakfast:

I doubt you’ll ever make breakfast again.  Anyway, personally, I’m now psyched to have another baby at Mt. Sinai one day,  if only so that after the birth I can get a black currant scone with butter and marmalade instead of sending Tad out for Swiss Chalet.  Hell, I’ll take both.

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