It Doesn’t Get More Local Than This

We often drive by Strickland’s Choice Meat (Greenwood and Gerrard) on our way south to Queen Street.  Recently we noticed it was closed until March 21.

Why?  Well, let’s take a closer look:

Len is having surgery.  Basically the sign is saying, “the whole neighborhood knows who Len is and knows him well enough to be privy to the fact that he’s having surgery.  And to care.”

And I bet if you stopped someone in the neighborhood they could tell you what kind of surgery poor Len needs.

I hope Len is OK.   I’ve driven by the sign enough times that I’m starting to wonder if he’s in good hands, if the surgery went well and is it too soon to expect him back in a mere 3 weeks?

Get well soon Len!

May 3, 2012:  Here is a bit of history about Stricklands (thanks Lisa!) :   from the Beach Metro news

One feature for history buffs is a butcher and meat shop called Stricklands Butcher Shop. This shop was located at different locations on the Danforth and other places for close to 80 years. The current shop on Greenwood Avenue is still run by two jovial Strickland brothers, who also happen to carry the Beach Metro News in their store.


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5 responses to “It Doesn’t Get More Local Than This

  1. That is a really sweet story! I love that feeling of being a part of the community, especially from marts or stores you frequent often! Hope you have a great day!


  2. Lisa

    i saw that sign the other day too!
    in the past they’ve also posted ‘gone fishin’ signs, no joke!
    i’ve been in a few times – for meat and for honey – both are impressive.
    i should go more often, i just seem to forget about it on that sad little corner of Greenwood & Gerrard…
    good luck Len!

  3. Let’s go together when Len’s back. Coffee and then meat shopping?

  4. Lisa

    There’s a small note about Strickland’s at the end of this article

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