Whoot! New Leslieville Cheese Market opened at Donlands and O’Connor

Last time I got excited about the little strip mall at Donlands and O’Connor is when I spied a little confectionary store that sold “British Candy”.  Visions of Jelly Babies raced through my head as I entered but was sorely disappointed by the old and dusty looking stock.  (What, there’s not a huge demand for Fruit Pastilles?)

But as of last week, my hopes are high once again.  Michael Simpson, owner of Leslieville Cheese Market has opened another store in this east end “forgotten zone” as he calls it.

We've been found!

As a resident in this neighborhood  I have to agree that it’s bit thrilling to get noticed by a fine food proprietor.  And there are lots of families in the area that are probably salivating at the thought of artisinal cheese, Rahier croissants, St. Urbain bagels and artisinal breads in the neighborhood (not the neighborhood next door, or the one next to that).  Located across from Fresh from the Farm (which sells local, farm-fresh,hormone and drug-free meat) Mr. Simpson is hoping to start a trend to inspire other food shops to open.

The store wasn’t open Monday when I stopped by, but here’s a little peek into the wee space.  See the cheese!!  Glowing enticingly.  I can’t wait to stop by after school with Felix and pick up cheese for after dinner.

So I hope if you live in the area you’ll come out and support the new store and maybe as Mr. Simpson hopes–“inspire more businesses to come out of the woodwork”.  Then us “other” east-enders can stop referring to our neighborhoods as “close to Leslieville” or “next to Riverdale”.


Mon Closed
Tues 11-7
Wed 11-7
Thur 11-730
Fri 11-730
Sat 10-7
Sun 11-6


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3 responses to “Whoot! New Leslieville Cheese Market opened at Donlands and O’Connor

  1. Yes totally a forgotten neighbour there- I’m happy for you and hood! Living close to the Leslieville Cheese Market makes for feeding the habit really too easy.

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