Toast Post: Merlot Bella Vitano for your weekend munching

I only had enough change for a skinny piece!

Wine and cheese in the same package.  Perfectly portable and legal for the underage too.  I didn’t know that the award-winning Merlot Bella Vitano ( from Sartori cheese in Wisconsin) was gettable up in these parts.

But I went to the new Leslieville Cheese on Donlands and there it was.  It’s referred to as a cheddar-parm hybrid in some reviews and does have the creamy quality and acidity of cheddar mixed with the savoury, sweet crunch of the Reggiano.  In this one you also get a bit of that fermented grape tang.

I asked the cheese monger to write the other flavours on my cheese package/notepad–it also comes washed in raspberry ale, balsamic vinegar and rubbed with espresso.  If you like the coffee-cheese idea you can also get the delicious lavender/espresso rubbed Barely Buzzed from Sobeys.  Or you can read about my coffee and cheese pairing experience here.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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6 responses to “Toast Post: Merlot Bella Vitano for your weekend munching

  1. Elaine

    I have been able to get a variety of the bellavitano cheeses at my neighbourhood Longos. My fav is the raspberry bellavitano – first time I had it was at Nancy’s. Yum!

  2. I’ve never heard of bellevitano – I’m going to see if I can get it here! I love the writing on the package – that makes it look so extra-special, doesn’t it?

  3. We’ve been getting the bellavitano from Leslieville Cheese Market in LesVil forever and ever- I would have told you!! I guess I thought you knew. I’m sorry! Apparently the LCM said that it’s the only American cheese they carry.

    My boyfriend was born in Wisconsin and so we’re always so pleased to get into this wedge. Our favourite is the Merlot-rubbed and it really is so delicious. It’s a staple on our cheese board.

  4. I know! And I just assumed you couldn’t get it here so I never asked…only ate it when in the US. Never hurts to ask as my mamma says…

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