Toast Post: A Girl’s First Cheese Fridge

Transporting some cheese at 11pm.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  Last night at 9:45 pm I had to go buy a fridge for my cheese.

My husband had been “suggesting” this idea for months as out fridge space was being taken over by fromage.  With a stack of fresh cheeses for an upcoming Queso Fresco piece,  a dozen leftovers from my “best cheese burger topping” experiment ( The Spread article here if you missed) and gloriously large wedges of raspberry, balsamic, espresso and Merlot BellaVitano to store I knew it was time.

I zipped over to Home Depot and bought myself a little beer fridge (the gentleman helping was equally disappointed –no bevvies?–and fascinated –all cheese?—at its future use).

We set it up, plugged it in and the first item I reached for was:

Mainly to get rid of “new fridge smell” and to aid “new cheese smell” to take over.  (Why isn’t that an air freshener scent?)

And now just a few dangerous steps away, down our creaky stairs with no rail and into the basement you can find stinky treasure.

Sorry–the lighting was not great in the basement residence of the fridge.

Many years ago I wrote a little textbook called “30 Days in the Life of an Animation Producer” (being an animation producer at the time).   At the end of my bio the editors added a line which still makes me laugh and I would never have written, except in a storybook.  It was, “Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world”.

But today, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


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9 responses to “Toast Post: A Girl’s First Cheese Fridge

  1. OMG I forgot about that producer book! That’s hilarious. But you’re right – now you truly are the luckiest girl in the world! This fridge is SO exciting. And btw I loved that goat cheddar you gave me. Now I know why you had cheese to spare! But one question: Why is it in the basement? I give you a month before I comes upstairs….

  2. Mat Jenkins

    Ha! Good idea on the separate fridge. Also love the retro phone on the wall. So analog!

  3. Sue! You look fantastic! I love your very happy smile- a cheese fridge!!! Seems so very long overdue.

    Our problem with stocking up on cheese is that they end up going bad- are we just not wrapping them tightly enough? It’s a sad and costly loss for all the good cheese we buy.
    -Johanne (ps. I love your rotary phone and you seriously have the gift of hair)

  4. Hey Johanne-thank you for the compliment! I was flush with excitement!
    Truthfully–I rarely have this much cheese but my last two columns required a fair amount of sampling and it was getting ridiculous. Hard/firm cheeses are ok if well-wrapped, cheddar needs no air, just plastic and the softer stuff– loose parchment and saran after that…to let it breathe— my cheeses get moldy too–the fridge is just not a prisitine environment I imagine.

    I know, the waste gets me too!

  5. Carolann

    You know you have MADE it when you get your own cheese fridge! You rock! Carolann

  6. I know you well enough to know that this was just an excuse to go shopping. Tad should be thankful I’m on the opposite side of the world and cannot take you to Holt’s…

  7. I’ve got the cheese / beer fridge in my basement too. Believe me, that is a very good idea when you go cheese shopping and end up with a little more than you planned! The only problem is that there is very little reason to leave the basement now!

  8. Lisa

    I’m totally jealous of your cheese fridge. Let me know if you need help getting rid of the overstock 😉

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