It’s my Birthday and I can post what I want to so…Ginger Gummies 24/7.

Connecting through Frankfurt airport I did not discover a store filled with caviar (like in Zurich airport) but I did discover something much handier for airplane travel and bad-movie watching for 8 hours–ginger-lemon gummies!  The man at the sales counter who spoke only German pointed to the pack and said “spicy” just to warn me of what I was getting into, but I smiled and hugged the pack to my chest to show my delight. Only then could he smile back and wish me a “happy trip”.

Now, first off, you should know I love gummi candy.  And I think this Haribo brand rocks.  Especially their mango gummies which I discovered only a month ago in Toronto.  Their simulated mango flavour is divine.

So I could only be more pleased to have these ginger ones be also labelled “wellness gums” as you see on the package.   Who needs Buckley’s for a cough and cold?  Or even Cold FX?

I also love that they have real ginger root on the pack.  Makes it seem kind of local and artisanal, no?  Farmer’s market-ish almost.

Dappled in sunlight it’s almost like I picked them fresh from a tree.

I hope one day you all get out to Frankfurt airport and get yourselves some of these.  For now, since it is my birthday I have been eating them since 7am.

Birthday cake in Prague made by my cousin Jana. My nephew loved it and he has named the cake, “The Chocolate”.

Now excuse me while I spend the rest n my day on-line at the Haribo Fun-Planet.  First stop: Sour S’ghetti Station.


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7 responses to “It’s my Birthday and I can post what I want to so…Ginger Gummies 24/7.

  1. Can Planet Haribo be a real place? Because I would totally go there over Disneyland.

  2. A number of years ago we were in Uzes, France, there is a Haribo factory there…’s VERY cool!! they give you a “chip” when you walk in and at the end of the tour, you can put it in this huge bubble gum dispenser and it gives all sorts of samples….don’t remember the ginger one though.

  3. wow, i have to get to France, screw the cheese though.

  4. CarolAnn

    Happy Birthday!!!!! CarolAnn

  5. Lianne

    …and here I thought nuth’in good came from
    the Frankfurt airport (or Frankfurt, for that
    matter). Glad to be proved wrong.

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