In case you forgot the pleasures of homemade lemonade

As I scurry around trying to get the “To Do list” checked off so I can leave for the cottage I thought I would leave you with a lemonade recipe which I made for the first time (this heat wave) for the blog.  And you should try it too.

Because it is so very, very easy.  We’re talking the juice of 2 (maybe 3) lemons.  Add water.  You can sweeten with sugar but make a batch of simple syrup and it will last you jugs of lemonade into the future.   And it is delicious.  I used 6 tablespoons simple syrup (infused with spearmint leaves) for 2L lemonade and it took the sharp edge off but kept a refreshing tartness.

Here’s the recipe.  The full on directions with photos will be featured on my Family Fun blog.   With the simple syrup instructions too if you need them.

And PS–yesterday morning a real estate woman who was canvassing the ‘hood rang my doorbell and  looked just melty from the heat and I was able to say, “I just made lemonade.  Could I get you a glass?”.   How often does a gal get to say, “I just made a batch of fresh lemonade?”  Unless you’re in the South.   Sookie Stackhouse offers lemonade.  Though not to vampires obviously— but even to enemies.  But not enemy vampires.  Hmm, it gets tricky.

Ingredients for Lemonade

2-3 Lemons

2 L cold water

6 tbsp simple syrup

Juice the lemons til you have 1/2 cup juice. Add to 2 L cold water. Sweeten as desired with simple syrup (or super fine sugar).

Here is my Chef Basics video on making Simple Syrup if you are interested. (just re-watched it, informative but I’m very serious in it.  Simple syrup is no joke people.)


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3 responses to “In case you forgot the pleasures of homemade lemonade

  1. C Moa Bob

    Heya, Sue Riedl!

    When I was in college way down in Alabama, I was told (and took it as the Bible-thumping truth) that both iced tea and lemonade should be sweetened before adding the lemon.

    Something to do with the sugar dissolving more completely and being more effective without the lemon juice and thus requiring less of it…

    What’s your take on it?

  2. Morning Bob!
    I am imagine if these instructions came straight from Alabama they are the god-honest truth. I will have to try. For some reason I thought the acidity of the lemon juice would help dissolve the sugar.

    But with any cold drink/cocktail I have just started keeping a batch of the simple syrup around. Already dissolved so it’s super easy–and none of that grainy quality or sugar sinking to the bottom.

    Essentially, I avoid the “which comes first” issue!

  3. I read the whole way through, but I saw no mention of “scoops,” “Country,” or “Time,” so I cast doubt on how homemade this really is.

    Kim can give you a recipe for a delicious purple basil lemonade, which is more or less what you have above, just with purple basil.

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