Fastest Lunch in the world for Christmas Eve Day: Vacherin Mont d’Or

The wonderful Vacherin Mont D'Or

The wonderful Vacherin Mont D’Or

Good Morning everyone!  Instead of running out to the closest mall–run to the closest cheese store and pick up a Vacherin Mont d’Or and a baguette.

Featured today for as my Monday “Lunch” piece in the Globe, you won’t find a faster or more satisfying meal.

Happy Holidays!


PS I know Whole Foods and Cheese Boutique has them, leave a comment if you’ve seen them anywhere else and we can get everyone hooked up!


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8 responses to “Fastest Lunch in the world for Christmas Eve Day: Vacherin Mont d’Or

  1. Stephen

    Where to buy in Nova Scotia?

  2. We have them in Uxbridge at the passionate Cook’s essentials!

  3. My friend decided she would treat me to this for dinner last week and discovered that your article uptake was so strong that she had a tough time getting her hands on a wheel. It was delicious and well worth (her) efforts Now I’m craving it this week! and possibly forever more.

  4. I know. It’s one of those things you ind of forget how much you love it. Glad you got a wheel….now I am thinking about it again!

  5. Update: Last Friday I bargained with the cheese guy in my hood for a wheel that a customer ordered over the holidays and never picked up. Got one sweet discount and made a friend’s cheese dreams come true on Saturday night! I’m hooked.

  6. OH Lucky you! Whoever did not pick it up DID NOT deserve it!!

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