Skip the carton, Make a Pitcher of Homemade Nog

One serving appears more ladylike when divided into three small glasses.

Today is the day we decorate our tree.  The Christmas Tree is my favourite part of the holidays.  As unexcited as I am to dig through the pile of boxes in the basement on the annual ornament hunt (why do I have two bins of Easter decorations?  Really?) I am pretty psyched to get the tree going.

Thinking that many of us might be putting up lights, Christmas shopping or lamenting the start of carols on the radio, I figured egg nog and alcohol could settle us right down.  Cursing also helps immensely.

If you’re going out for the weekend grocery shop, you only need  few ingredients to make your own egg nog: eggs, milk, cream, sugar. (I know! Why have you not done this before?)

My friend swears by the Mac’s Milk version (and I too admit to glugging the store-bought) but this is lighter, frothier and fresher and really a cinch to make.


Once this becomes your signature holiday drink–you can move onto your own egg nog serving set.



Make sure you use the freshest eggs possible and have an alternate beverage available for guests like pregnant woman, children or the elderly who shouldn’t consume raw eggs.

Servings: 6

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Ready In: 45 minutes (includes 30 minutes cooling)


4 eggs, separated

1/3 cup sugar (reserve 1 tablespoon)

2 cups whole milk

1 cup whipping cream

fresh grated nutmeg

pinch salt


With an electric beater whisk together egg yolks and sugar until sugar dissolves and yolks are pale and fluffy. Add milk, cream and nutmeg and whisk until well combined. Refrigerate until cold.

Just before serving whisk egg whites (at room temperature) and a pinch of salt to soft peaks. Add teaspoon of sugar and whisk until firm peaks.

Fold into eggnog to make it extra light and fluffy.

If you want to add alcohol you can whisk in 2 to 3 ounces of bourbon or rum before adding the egg whites.

Another opportunity to use my beloved nutmeg grater. (purse size convenience!)


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11 responses to “Skip the carton, Make a Pitcher of Homemade Nog

  1. Li

    On the phone with my parents, reading this article… we love your eggnog recipe, but my mom is concerned with this non-cook version…about salmonella… as you recall, I was stricken with this fabulous bacteria as a child from playing with random cat poo in the sandbox. Would you recommend the egg yolk/egg whites you can buy in the store (already separated) that are apparently cooked or safe?

    • YEs, you could for sure. I assume they work the same way (in my video I do warn about the raw eggs and the elderly!! not that I put Lois and Don in that category).

      I think for healthy adults the risks are low–thus I recommend the fresh eggs too—but hey–you’re a family that eats cat poo….

      Tell me if it works with the pasteurized product!

  2. I’m with Victor – it IS ON!!! And seriously I thought there were lots more ingredients in egg nog. Like nog, for example. I’m excited to try this when my mom comes to visit. And I’m SO JEALOUS of your nutmeg grater it’s not even funny.

  3. William Sonoma. It’s not even that expensive. But it feels like I have a super luxury kitchen tool!

  4. Lisa

    Might have to give this a go. Question – where did you get that awesome milk glass nog set? All you need are some heinous Christmas sweaters to do some proper imbibing!

  5. yes, I think the Christmas sweaters you might need are at Joe Fresh, they have some nice snowflake patterns! The nog set is a link. I think you should be able to click on it to the site (click on EGG NOG SERVING SET)
    Pretty awesome!

  6. I have that nutmeg grater and I recently loaded it with fresh cocoa beans and I’m grating cocoa onto, um, everything. A regular grating instrument works well too for nuts and such.

    So I was super excited to try this recipe this week when we put up our Charlie Brown-inspired cottage tree. I’m not a fan of sweets and egg nog tends to be so rich and sweet that I can only down one. Well- not in this case (!). My boyfriend whipped up the recipe and it was a revelation: the mix is so light and tasty and you can easily go for seconds without feeling grossed out by all that dairy (we rummed it). I think he over-beat the egg white topping and they came out firm, scoop-able almost like ice cream but with a nice sweet/salty taste- yumamazing! We’ll keep doing them like that from now on.

    This recipe is a winner. I’ve been passing it along to everyone I know. I can’t sip another manufactured nog again. Nice.

  7. Coffee beans! I never thought of it. Genius.

    Yes,the homemade nog is amazing–and really–not that much effort. Plus, I agree, its so much lighter and frothier than the storebought which I usally mix with some 2% milk anyway.
    Thanks for letting me know it worked for you. I’m whipping up some this weekend.

    Hmmm, maybe in a thermos for running errands (sans rum or course!)


  8. Hm, well now that you mention it, coffee beans would be genius! (I’ve been grinding cocoa beans- chocolate nuggets from the chocolate tree.)

    Running errands = extra rum. I’ve always thought that there should be walk-up booze bars offering free shots of alcohol at the malls over the holidays.

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